WATCH: Emmerson Mnangagwa addresses Zimbabweans


Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to be sworn in as president of Zimbabwe on Wednesday or Thursday.



HARARE - Thousands of Zimbabweans gathered in Harare to welcome back former deputy president and soon-to-be President Emmerson Mnangagwa.  

Zimbabwe&39;s president-in-waiting has arrived back home.

Mnangagwa landed at Harare&39;s Manyame Airbase late Wednesday afternoon. 

He is expected to be sworn in on Friday as Zimbabwe&39;s next leader. 

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In Harare, Zimbabweans were waving flags and holding placards with Mnangagwa&39;s photograph.

He fled the country, fearing for his safety after Robert Mugabe axed him two weeks ago, prompting military action.

Mnangagwa has been chosen by Zanu-PF to replace Mugabe until the 2018 elections.

Zimbabweans in South Africa have mixed feelings about their country’s future after Mugabe&39;s resignation.

Some are ready to pack their bags and head home, but others remain uncertain of what lies ahead.

Zimbabwean businessman and Mugabe critic Trevor Ncube said his country needs an all-inclusive government.

Ncube said Zimbabwe has fertile soil, mineral resources and the human capital to reclaim its place as the food basket of Africa.

He said for this to happen Mnagangwa has to restore investor confidence, both locally and abroad.


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