WATCH: Xenophobic unrest moves to Durban CBD


Xenophobic unrest has now moved to Point Road in Durban.

DURBAN - Xenophobic unrest has moved to the heart of Durban as angry marchers make their way to Point Road.

A group of 4 000 people, who appeared to be foreign nationals, erected a burning barricade in the middle of Mahatma Gandhi Road in Durban&39;s Point district on Tuesday afternoon.

A section of the group were armed with pangas.

Police were under pressure as the crowd kept on growing and fired rubber bullets at the unruly crowd.

Police later managed to douse the barricade with a water cannon.

eNCA reporter Dasen Thathiah said there was a tense standoff between locals and foreigners earlier on Tuesday.

Police fired bullets at the crowd.

Both Point Road and West Street in Durban have been blocked by burning rubbish.

"Police are battling to deal with the numbers and the crowd keeps on growing," said Thathiah.

He said that police have managed to detain a few troublemakers in the crowds.

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