Dam levels lowest in three decades, Western Cape seeks solutions


Johannesburg, 25 January 2017 - Drought conditions continue to threaten South Africa's water security. The Water and Sanitation Department has called on all spheres of government to join forces in a bid to conserve this precious resource.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape government is exploring different options to pump up water supplies.

Dam levels in the province are at their lowest in three decades.

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Officials say Cape Town has about 135 days' worth of usable water.

The City plans to name and shame residents who violate water restrictions.

About 20,000 households face fines and possible jail time for failing to reduce consumption.

Local government MEC Anton Bredell says a multi-pronged approach is needed. 

“We look at water holistically. We look at the different water sources and our view is that need a mixture of those sources to protect us and to take us through. So desalination is an option, aquifer is an option, ground water management is an option. So is the recycling of sewage water, rain water and a combination of all of this will pull us through,” said Local Government MEC Anton Bredell.

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