'We will not stop until he steps down' - Save SA on Zuma


05 April 2017 - Civial society group Save SA calls on South Africans to join Friday's march to the Union buildings in Pretoria, calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

PRETORIA - SaveSA is calling on South Africans to march to the Union buildings in Pretoria on Friday

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The civil society group is warning that the country is on the brink of disaster.



Thousands turned up at its gathering in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday. Police estimate the number of people to have been around 5,000.



Save SA is one of the groups calling for the president to step down.

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It blames him for Standard and Poor's downgrade of South Africa's investment grade status to junk.

"The downgrade that has been caused by Zuma is an assault on the poor. If you have a job today the security of the job has gone out of the window. Business confidence has dropped, which means that therefore there's going to be reduced investment and therefore no new jobs," said Save SA's Sipho Pityana.

"Unemployment will increase, workers will be retrenched, factories will be shut down."




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