What should you expect from 10111?



JOHANNESBURG – What are the standard operating procedures for a 10111 police emergency call?

That’s a question being asked by many South Africans this week after an apparent hostage drama at Sars headquarters featured a heated emergency call.

The SAPS’s 10111 call centre is supposed to be a free 24-hour emergency helpline for the public in distress.

This is what you should expect when you contact the number:

·     A member of the SAPS will deal timeously with your call; 
·     SAPS personnel dispatched, if necessary; and
·     A reference number for proof of call and future reference.

Every province has a dedicated 10111 call centre.

Most are staffed by SAPS officers, but some have private call centre agents in the mix. This arrangement doesn't always work though.

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“Yes 1011”

“I’m being held hostage in my own office at the Sars offices. Can you send someone over as an emergency?”

“Who is holding you hostage?”

“I’m being held hostage at the Khanyisa building."

“You are being held hostage, but you are able to make a phone call in front of them?”

“Yes – so if you can please people over to come and assist me.”

“How do you know those people?”

“Well I don’t; they want a document from me and they won’t let me out of my office.”

“How do you know them?”

“Are you going to send someone or not?”

“Where must I send the people because you didn’t give me the address?”

If you have been let down by the SAPS 10111 contact centre, you can approach the Independent Police Investigative Directorate and lodge a complaint.