VIDEO: Where in the world is the Saxonwold shebeen?


The hottest property right now seems to be Saxonwolds local shebeen, mentioned by Eskom's CEO Brian Molefe, after he rubbished the State of Capture report. eNCA reporter went looking for this shebeen.

SAXONWOLD - Eskom's CEO Brian Molefe has claimed to be at a shebeen when his cellphone records placed him nearby the Gupta mansion.



Molefe rubbished claims by the office of the Public Protector, saying that he was in the area possibly quenching his thirst.

He said, "No, but there is a shebeen there, I think it is two streets away from the Gupta house.”



Saxonwold & Parkwood Residents Association Chairperson, Tessa Turvey dismissed the claim saying, "As far as shebeen is defined in the dictionary. There is no shebeen in Saxonwold. The Guptas are two streets from where we are now, which is where Molefe says the shebeen is. I don’t know what they could be talking about seriously. There is nothing that could be construed as a shebeen, as far as I know, in Saxonwold.”



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