Why data costs are killing society: Tbo Touch


17 September 2016 - Tbo Tuch has been campaiging for cellular networks to lower their data costs.

Johannesburg - For the past week Tbo Touch has been campaigning for cellular providers to lower their data costs using the DATAMUSTFALL.

The Touch Central Radio presenter said the campaign&39;s main aim was centered on reducing unemployment rates and allowing all students equal access to information.

“We are killing our society,” Tbo said.

Not being able to access text books and online learning materials is something he relates to as he was unable to afford them due to the cost of fees.

Tbo said cellular networks aren’t the only ones to blame for the lack of change.He said we should blame the government which we put in power if nothing is to be done.

Watch the video above as he chats with eNCA mojo Karen Mwendera about why he started this campaign ahead of his meeting with Parliament on Wednesday.

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