Gas canisters found in Wits library, arson attempt suspected


Wits students embarked on protests over fees at the university on 14 October 2015.

JOHANNESBURG - Wits University says there will be a police presence on all campuses until further notice.

That&39;s after two suspects, carrying gas canisters and wearing balaclavas, entered the law library on Saturday.

The university believes the intention was to start a fire.

Security was alerted and gas cylinders were found and removed.

A case been opened at the Hillbrow police station.

The university says additional security has been deployed on campuses.

It says the safety and security of staff, students and property remain paramount, and police will maintain a presence until further notice.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Campus Control on 011 717 4444 or 011 717 6666.

This comes two weeks after the University of Johannesburg&39;s auditorium was torched.

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