Wits supports students' demands: management


Witwatersrand Universitys Vice Chancellor Adam Habib on Friday told emotionally charged students that only the institutions council had authority over tuition fees, and not him.

JOHANNESBURG - The University of the Witwatersrand&39;s (Wits) management have expressed broad support for the students&39; demands for more funding for the higher education sector.

This follows UCT Vice-Chancellor Max Price&39;s earlier affirmation of his support for the students&39; protests.

In an open letter to staff and students, Wits senior executive team said they agreed with students that "everyone has an equal right to access higher education."



They said they would continue lobbying government, the private sector and other stakeholders to find ways to resolve the crisis.

The letter announced that Wits Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Habib would lead a delegation of vice-chancellors to the Union Buildings on Friday where they would meet with the President and student leaders.

The executive team said, "we have heard the voices of our students and we recognise the financial burdens that they face.

"In this regard, Council has made several concessions pertaining to the upfront payment, the 2016 fee negotiation process, discounts for NSFAS and financially stressed students and the implementation of austerity measures."

The management team expressed their openness to dialogue with student leaders in order to find a speedy resolution th the crisis, especially with examinations looming.

They said, " it is in everyone&39;s best interests for the academic programme to resume urgently."