Woman filmed breastfeeding lays charges



Cape Town – A Cape Town mother has laid criminal charges against a university employee who secretly filmed her expressing breast milk.

Maggie Marx who was working at the University of Cape Town on that day accuses the now fired academic of fulfilling a sexual desire by livestreaming her during a private moment.

"While I was expressing I noticed some technology filming me. I raised alarm. Internal and criminal proceeding then started against the alleged perpetrator.”

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Police have arrested the man who is expected to appear in court on a charge of crimen injuria later this month.  

Marx says she felt violated by the incident and suspects a sexual motive was behind his actions.

“I feel that his goal was sexual, sexual in nature, you know maybe for his own private viewing pleasure. I don't understand it."

The civil society organisation, Normalise Breastfeeding SA, agrees with Marx.

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Anel Olsson of Normalise Breastfeeding SA said, "We have been alerted to the fact that there is such a thing as breastfeeding pornography, which is absolutely disgusting." 

Olsson said the campaign was also working on legislation to criminalise such acts.

"The first draft bill that asks for the criminalisation of harassment of and discrimination against breastfeeding moms is asking for R100,000 fine and five years’ imprisonment."