WATCH: Workers at Gupta-owned mine on strike over uncertain future


Johannesburg, 27 October 2016 - The controversial Gupta family may lose their recently acquired Optimum Coal Mine. A multinational company is threatening the mine with liquidation, claiming its owed money for goods and services.

JOHANNESBURG - Workers at the Gupta-owned Optimum coal mine in Mpumalanga are going on strike over uncertainty around their jobs. 

With the mine&39;s shareholders on the run, employees are demanding answers from management over the mine’s future.

Authorities have declared Ajay Gupta a fugitive after he failed to hand himself over to police to face charges over the Estina Dairy Farm project.

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It unclear where his two brothers, Tony and Atul are.

The Gupta family is deeply embroiled in allegations of state capture.

Optimum workers say the mine is in a state of disarray, and suppliers have not been paid in months.

They are demanding government intervene.