Xenophobic attacks to impact SA: Cabinet


A man kisses a machete after clashes broke out between a group of locals and police in Durban on April 14 ,2015

CAPE TOWN - The xenophobic violence which have plagued the country in recent weeks could have wide-reaching economic implications for the country, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Friday.

“The impact of attacks has far reaching implications on our economic, social and relations with the continent and the world,” Radebe said while briefing journalists on the outcomes of the fortnightly cabinet meeting.

“South African companies who are running successful businesses in the continent who help to contribute to our revenue and sustaining our economy may suffer the same fate.”

Cabinet appealed to communities, organisations and individuals to join in the fight against xenophobia and also reminded South Africans of the contribution of several African countries to the liberation struggle.

“Fellow African countries did not only host our people, they also contributed resources and some paid the ultimate price and lost their own citizens in the course of South Africa attaining democracy,” said Radebe.

“South Africa is not a violent country and therefore a few individuals cannot be allowed to hold the whole country at ransom.

"Violence has never been a solution for problems in any society and will never be in South Africa. Not in our name.”

Cabinet reiterated President Jacob Zuma’s sentiments that anger and frustration was no justification for the attacks on foreign nationals and the looting of their shops.

“Whilst noting the issues raised by communities, violence towards another fellow human being can never solve these issues.

"Rather, it reflects badly on us as a people, going against the very ideals and foundations of our democracy,” Radebe said.

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