You could soon be paying more for water


North West, 21 January 2016 - Sbongiseni ZIkhali (7) drinking water from a tap.

JOHANNESBURG -- South Africans should expect the cost of living to keep rising, with water now also set to cost more.

Government has proposed an increase in water tariffs which will likely be implemented in 2017.

The hike would follow a three-tiered model for water prices.

The first would provide free water to the poor, the second would provide water at a reduced cost and while the third tier will be for those who can afford water and may need to reduce their usage.

Government says the measures will ensure sustainable supplies and help address infrastructure challenges.

It&39;s also taking future supply shortages into consideration by including a drought tariff.

Watch the video above for a report on the quality of South Africa&39;s water.


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