Young and old cast their votes


Johannesburg, 04 August 2016 - The final figures arent out yet but millions of South Africans cast their ballots yesterday. First-time voters showed enthusiasm and the long queues didnt stop the elderly from making their mark.?

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans took to the polls to cast their vote at the much anticipated municipal elections. While first time voters showed enthusiasm, long queues did not prevent the elderly from making their mark.

Reminiscing on the first time they voted in the 1994 elections proved irresistible for the older generation as they took us down memory lane on the first time they casted their vote in a democratic South Africa.

One stated that, “I was happy and I thought that things are going to change but I don’t see anything because we’re still struggling and suffering.”

While another said, “It was one of the most invigorating experiences of my life. And I think we all felt like we had a future. We all felt like we were going in the same direction. Now we’re not too sure.”

They expressed the importance of one’s vote, stating that, “This is our country that we need to fight for and do everything to ensure change.”

The new generation expressed what this vote means to them especially being first time voters with one saying “I want to become an active citizen and I feel that I’m going to be a part of the much needed change that is required.”

Another spoke about the importance of these municipal elections stating that, “Municipal government is more important than national because it’s actually where you get to interact with the people that are in governance. When you have problems you speak to these people directly that you’re voting for right now.”

Watch the full report in video produced by eNCA Mojo Busi Lethole above.

-       Busisiwe Lethole




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