Young musical genius makes history

CAPE TOWN - Five years ago eNCA brought the story of a young musical protege, who at the age of six, was already drumming with Michael Jackson&39;s band, and gone on tour to the New Orleans Jazz festival.

He&39;s still making history, becoming South Africa’s youngest, full-time university student.

Now eleven years old, Daniel Petersen is once again making history - as the youngest student to be accepted into a South African university.

"He is an amazing talent and truly gifted young man so when we had the conversation it was automatic that this is somebody that we would definitely want to have at the centre. Currently for this year Daniel is enrolled in the intermediate program in music which is accredited by the university," said UWC Centre for Music&39;s Henriette Weber.

Once&39;s he completed this programme, Daniel can go on to study a diploma in music. 

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