Water leaks cost economy R7bn annually


March 12 - The Grootdraai Dam in Mpumalanga is one of the many dams that are rising very quickly due to heavy rains.

JOHANNESBURG – The government is hoping to plug a few holes in the economy after it emerged that water leaks cost the country over R7-billion each year.

Officials have responded by launching a special training programme for the youth.

The Department of Water&39;s "War on Water Leaks" project is training 15,000 youths as plumbers, electricians and water monitors.

It is hoped the project will not only help save water but that it will also provide much-needed jobs.

An estimated 37 percent of South Africa’s water supply is lost to leaks every year. This is comparable to losing eight dams of water, the size of Hartebeespoort Dam, every 12 months.