Global summit gives youth a voice

JOHANNESBURG - The One Young World Summit has kicked off in Johannesburg, with young participants debating issues ranging from gender equality to world poverty.

It is the first time the event has been held on African soil.

This year&39;s event however doesn&39;t have the usual star attractions of Bob Geldof or Kofi Annan, but the unsung youth who are doing big things in their communities.

Twenty-four-year-old Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh co-founded the InkuluFreeHeid movement in South Africa. Twenty years after democracy, this young revolutionary has said many young South Africans still do not use their vote to enact change.

Sudanese Emmanuel Ja, a former child soldier, has said he wants to educate a wider audience about his experiences.

Delegates from 190 countries have converged to share ideas and their experiences, in the hopes of effecting positive change in the world. 

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