Zulu monarch denies sparking xenophobia


Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini elaborated on his comments on foreign nationals during an officiating ceremony for a new chief in Jozini, KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday, 18 April 2015.

JOZINI - King Goodwill Zwelithini has denied ever issuing an order for people to attack.

He says he did however call on people to fight poverty and work on the land.  

"I gave an order to people to work the land, even now I say let’s equip ourselves and go all out to work the land, nothing else. Anyone who is waiting for an order from Zwelithini to attack people, No, No.”

The King was speaking at an officiating ceremony for a new chief in Jozini, Kwazulu-Natal on Saturday.

However, in his hour and thirty minute long speech he missed the perfect opportunity to denounce the violence against foreign nationals --  in fact not a single mention of the province&39;s xenophobic attacks was made.

Previously, the outbreak of xenophobic violence in the province had been attributed to comments he made about foreigners.

Zwelithini did, however, lash out at his subjects in his speech, saying they were too lazy to work the land.  His speech was primarily devoted to highlighting the social ills ravaging society, such as alcohol abuse and rape.

The King the called upon the newly installed chief to lead his regiments to Monday&39;s Imbizo where he IS expected to denounce the recent xenophobic attacks and quell tensions..