Zuma defends Des van Rooyen appointment


David van Rooyen, being sworn in as the Finance Minister, at the Union Buildings on 10 December 2015.

PRETORIA - President Jacob Zuma has announced a team of senior journalists who&39;ll cover the activities of the president and his deputy.

The group will be called the Presidential Press Corps.

Zuma says the reporters will have improved access to the president and his ministers.

The announcement was made in Pretoria this morning, at the group&39;s first meeting.

President Zuma has emphasised the need for reporters to get background information to enable a better understanding of the decisions government makes.

He&39;s cited the example of replacing former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene with Des van Rooyen.

Zuma says Van Rooyen is more qualified than any minister appointed to the finance and economics portfolio.

And that the new Presidential Press Core will ensure there&39;s no confusion about future decisions he may make.

"I take decisions as a president. At times people don&39;t know that that is a constitutional right. They want to take decisions on behalf of the president, at times. Including some in the media, not everyone. You may not know why I took that decision, you might get very good reasons why. But if you don&39;t know, you will speculate on the basis of what you see, there may be very serious reasons. So what I&39;m saying, if we interact you don&39;t interpret Zuma as he walks there, you interpret him from knowing that this how he thinks," the president told the journalists.

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