Opposition, public not amused by Zuma's giggles


Cape Town, 19 November 2015 - President Jacob Zuma was unable to keep his laughter in check as he answered questions in Parliament on Thursday.

JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma was blasted on Thursday in Parliament for laughing during the year&39;s final question and answer session.


Members of the opposition said Zuma&39;s laughter during the sitting was not only distasteful, but that he was mocking the nation&39;s problems.

The session was supposed to be an opportunity for Zuma to address some of the country&39;s most pressing issues, but the president couldn&39;t suppress his laughter while he tackled MPs&39; questions.

Members of the public who watched the proceedings on television were not amused though and voiced their frustrations on social media.

Zuma was slammed for being arrogant and nonchalant about the country&39;s problems. 

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