Zuma has hurt the ANC and SA: commentators


ANC President Jacob Zuma at the ANC's 5th National Policy Conference in Johannesburg, Gauteng

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma has divided the ANC during his times as its leader, communications specialist Makhosini Nkosi said on Sunday as reports suggest Zuma is to be asked to step down.

Communications specialist JJ Tabane says Zuma&39;s leadership is a "reputational disaster" for both the country and the ANC.

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“In South Africa you have the 62 percent who vote for the ANC, his messaging began to focus on that 62 percent," said Nkosi. "Some of the people who are traditionally ANC voters started rejecting him; he divided even that 62 percent ... you heard him talking about the cleaver blacks. He then went and focused on the other people he believed would vote for him.

"The problem with that is people influence each other and there&39;s social media these days. He has found himself in a position now that even that base that he identified for himself ... was getting smaller and smaller. And the membership of the ANC is getting smaller and smaller and he ended up being the president of certain regions and not the entire South Africa," Nkosi said.

Tabane said: “I think it’s fair to say it was a reputational disaster for both the country and the ANC. If you look at the international positioning of South Africa, it has gone from being celebrated to now you just want to hide. The downgrades of our economy show that we are in trouble, how investors and the world now view us. We had the recession just recently.

"You look at other indicators that affect people here. Look at the poverty level, all of these things were almost fast-tracked in the last 10 years, presenting a disastrous legacy," he said.