Zuma stifles succession debate: Malema


Johannesburg, 30 may 2016 - EFF Leader Julius Malema says his party's campaign trail has been marred by violence. He's blamed the ANC for the recent disruption in KwaZulu-Natal.

JOHANNESBURG – EFF leader Julius Malema says that if President Jacob Zuma wanted a third term as president of the ANC, he could do it with ease because he controls the party.

Malema says Zuma has built extreme power in the ANC and has suppressed all talk of succession ahead of the party’s national conference in December next year.

“If Zuma wants to be president of the ANC, he will be president of the ANC and no one will stop him because they are all scared of him, he has built this power,” said Malema who was part of a panel at The Gathering event at Vodaworld in Midrand.

“A year before an ANC conference, there are new songs about the incoming president, that’s preparation of succession.

“There are no single songs today about the possible president because that debate is suppressed.

“Zuma suppressed the succession debate and he suppressed the Gupta debate. He is still weighing up his options.”

Malema said Zuma was only interested in his party&39;s leadership to protect his own interests and has nothing to offer the country. He said Zuma had an "iron grip" on state institutions.

“He is scared of going to prison and he knows the only way of not going to prison is when you are in charge of the presidency and then you can control the NPA.

“That (NPA head) Shaun (Abrahams) is nothing there (sic). He also has that man at Sars, Tom (Moyane). He has all the state institutions.

“Zuma is so in charge like he is coming in now, he is not like a man who is going out. He has taken charge of all the strategic institutions of the state, including Parliament. So he is not going anywhere.

“The fight against Zuma is not the fight against the man, but is a fight against corruption which is institutionalised by Zuma.

“If you are not corrupt you, are not promoted by Zuma.”