Zuma painting pulled from art fair

JOHANNESBURG - A new art work depicting President Jacob Zuma has been removed from the First National Bank Joburg Art Fair, the City Press website reported on Friday.

This was done for fear that it would offend sponsors and important people.

The work, by artist Ayanda Mabulu titled "Yakhal&39;inkomo -- Black Man&39;s Cry", was themed around the Marikana shootings in August last year.

The painting reportedly depicted a kneeling miner with horns on his head, metaphorically representing a dying bull.

He was being attacked by Zuma&39;s dog, reportedly signifying the police. Zuma, who was dressed in a suit, stepped on another dying miner&39;s head.

Britain&39;s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles were also depicted, laughing at the spectacle. They were hosted by ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa. Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema was also depicted in his red beret, shocked by what he saw.

The dying miners were being killed by a matador who used the South African flag instead of a red cape to lure the miners to his sword.

Mabulu said he received a call from his gallery, Commune1, on Thursday, when the fair opened, telling him the painting would no longer be on display.