Zuma reminds ANC Youth League who is boss


President Jacob Zuma warned any military action against Syria must have United Nations backing.

SESHEGO - ANC President Jacob Zuma has reminded the ANC Youth League that its role is to work with the ruling the party, and not against it.

Zuma was addressing thousands of supporters in Seshego, Limpopo, on the 69th Anniversary of the Youth League.

He says the ruling party is not threatened by individuals who think they can steal the majority vote from them in the province.

"It&39;s our province and nobody is going to make it the province of anybody else," he said. 
The ANC made it clear that it is no coincidence it is holding its official rally to celebrate the 69th anniversary of its youth league in Seshego - backyard of former president Julius Malema, now leader of his own political party. The ruling party says it has a point to prove.

Officials and former leaders of the youth league also paid tribute to Peter Mokaba, a leader of the Youth League notorious for having coined the ‘kill the boer, kill the farmer’ slogan.

Political analysts were watching proceedings closely.
“The ANC, particularly President Jacob Zuma was trying to send a clear message to the world that, even where Malema comes from in Seshego, the ANC is still predominantly dominant, the ANC is still powerful," said political analyst Elvis Masoga.
"And another thing that I was anticipating here in Seshego was to see any sign of Malema’s EFF. I didn’t even see any placard, any sign that shows that Malema’s party does exist here is Seshego.”

Julius Malema was undoubtedly the elephant in the room here, and while his name was not mentioned, ANC leaders used every opportunity to make it clear that the youth league has moved on without him.

But with the league still battling bankruptcy and leadership issues, it may be a while before everything is running smoothly.