Zuma resignation: it's a waiting game


Deeper legal action against journalist Jacques Pauw could lead to President Jacob Zuma's tax affairs becoming exposed to the public.

JOHANNESBURG - The country is waiting to see if and when President Jacob Zuma will step down. 

On Tuesday, Parliament postponed the State of the Nation Address (SONA), which was supposed to take place on Thursday.

The official reason was that Parliament did not foresee the SONA proceeding without disruptions. 



WATCH: Parliament postpones SONA 2018

The ANC has been locked in a series of high-level meetings over the course of the last few days though with the pressure for Zuma to go almost palpable. 

On Tuesday, the ANC in Parliament Tweeted it was waiting for the word from it&39;s National Executive Committee (NEC), set to meet on Wednesday evening, on the way forward. 

Sources within the ANC have indicated that Zuma is expected to resign no later than Thursday morning, failing which, the governing party will institute its own motion of no confidence in him in Parliament. 

One political analyst says the postponement of the State of the Nation Address shows President Jacob Zuma no longer has power within the ANC.

According to political analyst Prince Mashele, “We know that this postponement has got to do with the fact that the ANC has been battling to get rid of Zuma, to convince Jacob Zuma to get out of the union buildings. It appears to me and I&39;m very certain about it, that finally that a decision has been taken that the NEC must get rid of Jacob Zuma and they cannot afford to have him deliver the state of the nation address. so we must welcome that this the end of Jacob Zuma. Most of us, including myself have been waiting for this day when Zuma would show us his back.”





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