Zuma speaks against xenophobia


arliament, 16 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma gives oral replies to questions by members of parliament in the National Assembly Chamber.

PARLIAMENT – President Jacob Zuma appealed to South Africans to protect and support refugees and asylum seekers.

Zuma made the statement on Thursday ahead of his question and answer session.

He said government condemns the ongoing violence and looting of foreign shops that has spread across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng over recent weeks.

Zuma said no amount of frustration or anger can ever justify the attacks and looting on foreign nationals

He called for an end to the violence, adding that South Africa is not a xenophobic nation.

“We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms. The attacks violate all the values that South Africa embodies, especially the respect for human life, human rights, human dignity and Ubuntu.

"We stand firmly against all intolerances such as racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism,” said Zuma.

Zuma also urged citizens not to allow criminals elements to be covered as xenophobia.

“It is wrong to assume that all foreign nationals in the country are involved in crime. Not all foreign nationals who reside in our country are here illegally

“Many contribute to the economy and social development of the country. Many bring skills that are scarce that help us to develop the economy and are most welcome to live our country," he said.

Zuma said refugees and asylum seekers will be accorded support in line with international law and protocols, with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


President Zuma&x27;s speech in Parliament against xenophobia


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