South Africa's first financial literacy TV game show launches


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SPONSORED - The Sanlam Group has put its weight behind South Africa’s first financial literacy-focused TV game show, Sanlam Moola Money Family Game Show. The show, which has a strong emphasis on fun for participants and viewers, will air on Saturday, 3 April. It aims to play a meaningful role in improving financial knowledge among South Africans – while entertaining viewers in an innovative and accessible format.

Families will compete for a weekly R50 000 prize and an overall prize of R500 000. The Sanlam sponsored game show will see the families take part in a series of fun challenges to educate contestants and viewers about smart money and financial management. Expert financial coaches will be on hand to support the families and share insights. 

Sydney Mbhele, chief executive: brand at Sanlam, says, “Financial education has a massive impact on the financial security and prosperity of South Africans. Knowing how to successfully budget, manage debt and spending, invest, and save can help this generation, and generations to come, become financially confident and resilient.

“We are hoping that this fun, engaging, family show will be a powerful way to transfer financial knowledge. Financial coaching will be built into the show’s narrative to help people make the right simple choices in terms of their spending, buying, investing, insurance, etc. – simple choices with powerful long-term results. This is extremely important as households are figuring out ways to deal with a fragile economic environment, exacerbated by the pandemic,” says Mbhele.

The Sanlam Group is no stranger to pushing out the boat when it comes to financial literacy. The group’s award-winning ‘One Rand Man’ and ‘One Rand Family’ showed the value of money by asking participants to live entirely off R1 coins for a month.  

Helga Palmer, Head of Local Productions, expanded on the decision to air the show, saying, "Investing in the lives of our audiences is of great importance to us. When formidable brands such as, Sanlam and Universal Productions come together to create content that serves the viewer, great things can transpire. We look forward to how the Sanlam Moola Money Family Gameshow will teach families of all ages across our mother brand and our Openview platform to manage their personal resources wisely."

Sanlam Moola Money Family Game Show will issue its call to entry on Thursday, 28 January 2021 with filming starting on 1 March 2021. 

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