Armstrong admits to doping

Lance Armstrong has finally ended years of denial - admitting that he cheated his way to victory. The disgraced cyclist confessed to Oprah Winfey that he used performance enhancing drugs during his career. The confession has sparked global outrage. His admissions have caused former fans disappointment and anger.

The International Olympics Committee says it unreservedly condemns the actions of Lance Armstrong, and all those who seek an unfair advantage against their fellow competitors in sport. The World Anti Doping Agency added to the criticism by saying an interview with a talk show host is not a very effective way to disclose information. 

The 41 year-old Armstrong was once an athlete that could do no wrong. A cancer survivor that went on to win a string of Tour de France titles. But last October the US Anti Doping Agency released a scathing report - saying Armstrong was at the center of a sophisticated doping operation.

His Tour de France titles have now been stripped and his 2000 Olympic bronze medal has been revoked as well.