WATCH: Telkom launches Digital Gaming League


Gamers in the very pressured Telkom DoGaming competition at the annual Rage expo in Johannesburg, 10-12 October 2014

Read more about just what the secret was all about here.

JOHANNESBURG - It would seem that eSports is coming of age in South Africa.

After years of slowly building momentum, attracting audience, creating gamer skills and a tick here and there on the international scene of competitive gaming, it appears South Africa is ready to take the next step in competitive local eSports.

Although they are keeping mum on just what they are up to, Telkom and their eSport league, DGL, are set to change the face of the burgeoning sport forever.



For those of us that are not too sure as to exactly what eSports is, this launch is a perfect opportunity to learn about an industry which is bigger than both movies and music put together. The gaming industry in South Africa is worth R2.6 billion while the music industry is worth just R2 billion according to the latest stats. Despite this, eSports still manages to fly below the radar.

This is all set to change.

The launch takes place at Studio Blu, Johannesburg from 19:00 on Thursday 21 January.

Watch our live stream here.


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