Get DStv Now and livestream the World Cup for 'free'


DStv Premium, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers will be able to watch every single game on their big-screen TV using their decoder.


The FIFA World Cup is underway and football frenzy is upon us with fans glued to their screens. And the even better news is there’s a simple hack that makes it possible to catch every single game on SuperSport for free*.

DStv Premium, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers will be able to watch every single game on their big-screen TV using their decoder. But with 64 matches in total, there’s also the option of streaming matches while out of the house using the DStv Now app.

*How to get DStv Now and watch the matches for free

Here’s the clever bit. Since DStv subscribers can stream on two devices simultaneously with the DStv Now app, if it’s possible to get a family member to share their login details then you can watch all the games on SuperSport using the app on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop (or even AirPlay or cast to a big TV).

No, it’s not free for the owner of the account (since they’re paying for a DStv subscription) but for the lucky fan who’s got their login details, it’s a huge score. This is perfect for kids away from home at school or university, for example. The only thing missing to make it totally free once your family’s shared their login details with you is free Wi-Fi - find a hotspot, and voila! You’re watching World Cup games for free. 

How to get the DStv Now app

1. Download the DStv Now app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
2. Launch the app and login to your DStv account with your Connect ID.
3. Link your smartcard to your DStv Now account and start watching now!

No Connect ID? Here’s how to register for DStv Now and get a Connect ID

? Go to and click "Register" in the top right corner.
? Enter a username, your email address and a password.
? Click "Sign up".
? Confirm the verification mail sent to your email address. This will direct you to the DStv Now site and will automatically login for you.
? You also have the option of Google or Facebook-assisted Connect ID registration. You will not need to verify your email address for Connect ID if you&39;ve used either of these methods to register.

You will only need to sign in once on the app, unless you specifically log out.

How to watch the World Cup with DStv Now

1. Launch the DStv Now app.
2. Go to the Menu then navigate to Live TV > Sport. All the FIFA World Cup matches can be found on SuperSport channels.
3. Start watching!

Why watch the World Cup on DStv Now?

Let’s face it. You won’t be able to watch every game live in your living room as some matches are on at ridiculous times - in the middle of the workday or when you’re meant to be in bed asleep.

With SuperSport on DStv Now you can stream the World Cup wherever you are. You don’t even need to be at home, you can watch the games on your laptop through the DStv Now website or on your phone using the app.

What is DStv Now?

DStv Now is basically an online version of DStv – it’s a way of watching sports and shows on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Livestream some of the best DStv channels or use Catch Up to stream or download the latest episodes of your favourite shows and binge-watch entire seasons. Download the free DStv Now app for Android or iOS devices. Your access to channels on DStv Now depends on your DStv subscription - not all channels are available to all subscribers.

Register for DStv Now.