Lennox Lewis: Ruiz vs Joshua rematch should have been in the UK

"Andy can punch like a M********!" - Lennox Lewis breaks down Ruiz vs Joshua 2.

JOHANNESBURG – Boxing legend, Lennox Lewis says promoter Eddie Hearn should have brought the Ruiz vs Joshua 2 rematch back to England, if he wanted do to the right thing for his fighter.

The WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight title rematch, takes place in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and will be aired in South Africa exclusively on Openview.

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Brit, Joshua, faced his first career defeat against American Ruiz, in New York’s Madison Square Garden in June.

After the match, he claimed his defeat was due to a lack of experience.

Lewis agrees. “As a world champion, you need to box around the world. I look at myself: I boxed in America, because that’s where all the belts were … I went into places where they booed me when I was going in, but they cheered me as I was coming out.

“… part of the reason is, he said that was the first time, he was looking around … people were booing him. You know, when you have 70,000 people cheering for you and all of a sudden you go to a place where people are booing you, it’s going to be offsetting.”

Lewis believes Hearn should not have chosen Saudi Arabia as the venue for the rematch.

“I don’t think an event should be an event just because it’s money. I think it should be better you’re your fighter. What’s the best place for your fighter to fight, so you can guarantee the win,” he said.

“Eddie Hearn is there for the money. He’s trying to get the money. I’m not saying he’s wrong, he’s a promoter. Promoters are trying to get the most money as possible. But, the promoter and the boxer’s supposed to work hand-in-hand. And there’s [only] a couple promoters and boxers that work hand-in-hand.”