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by Apples Appleton

JOHANNESBURG - Enjoy watching motor bike racing?

One of the more exhilarating events on the racing calendar has to be the Michelin short circuit racing that takes place on Go Kart tracks.

The short straights and tight corners guarantees exciting racing as the riders dice for the lead and valuable points on the points table. 

The penultimate race for the season takes place on 21 September 19 at the Laserfiche Raceway Vereeniging track, starting at 10am, with over 100 riders in action.

Riders from as young as 4 years will be in action racing on Minimoto bikes. It's a petrol powered miniature motorcycle, also known as a pocket bike that is approximately one-fourth the size of a regular motorcycle, and is powered by an engine not exceeding 50cc (2 stroke) or 100c (4 stroke).

Senior riders race with Supermoto bikes - an off-road motorcycle - fitted with racing slicks, also known as a Motard.

The event is PTV and can be watched on www.streamit360.tv