PSL strongly objects Icasa's draft regulations

The calls for non-exclusivity of sports broadcast rights, as proposed by the 2018 Draft Regulations, has been slated as an unnecessary move that will essentially lead to the death of football, cricket and rugby.

JOHANNESBURG - Sporting bodies have a lot to lose should Icasa's draft regulations on Sporting Rights be passed.

As such, organisations are opposing the communications regulator's proposed changes.

These would make sport deemed to be of national interest available free-to-air and on a non-exclusive basis, affecting the bottom line of many sporting bodies.

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PSL Chairperson Irvin Khoza says of the R940-million generated by the PSL in 2018, 64-percent of it was from broadcasting.

"Why must we give our content for free to someone who is not investing? That's why I'm saying  we are not prohibiting anybody, we are giving packages that are available, but you must also demonstrate that once we are giving you those packages," Khoza said.

"We are saying, come and demonstrate how you're going to improve the quality of the content.

"Apart from the price alone, what extra things are you gonna do?” Khoza posed the questions on the third day of the hearings."