Public hearings into drafts sports amendment regulations continue

The second day of the Icasa public hearings into draft sports broadcasting service amendment regulations is under way. Courtesy #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - The spotlight was on rugby and boxing on day two of the public hearings into Icasa’s Draft Sports Broadcasting Service Amendment Regulations.

The Communications regulator is calling for more access to sport on free-to-air channels and rights to be available on a non-exclusive basis.

Sporting federations have continuously said this would leave them hamstrung.

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SA Rugby admit the sports rights business is lucrative, but argue that Icasa is acting outside its powers for calling for sporting rights to be held on a non-exclusive basis.

"We’re not disputing the fact of exclusivity on behalf of SuperSport, we are asking for exclusivity on behalf of SA Rugby and the rights that we want to sell.

"Whether we sell that to Joe Soap, Piet Pompies, SABC, SuperSport, doesn’t really matter to us. It doesn’t matter to us at all. You are 100-percent correct, we are after the income and funding because without the income and funding we will not have a sport”, said SA Rugby CEO Jurie Roux.

While federations have hit out at Icasa over the Draft Regulations, the communications regulator insists its intention is to open access to sport, and to do so in the national interest.