The FIFA World Cup: What you need for your watch party


File: FIFA World Cup 2018

JOHANNESBURG - The biggest sporting event of 2018 is days away and, with 3.2 billion people across the globe tuning in for the FIFA World Cup, chances are  you and your friends will be watching.

If you are planning to enjoy a few matches, watch parties are super fun (whether you’re there for the football or not). 

As with any good party, you need to do some prep.

File: Brazilian forward Neymar Jr 

Here’s a quick list of everything you’re going to need to score a good time (hopefully that’ll be the last awful soccer pun. Probably not).

Food for the footie

Get some crackers, chips, cheeses and dips to snack on. Then throw some boerewors in a pan because no one wants to be hovering around the braai in this cold.

Just buy some rolls and you’re good to go. Or if you feel like being fancy, ask your friends to bring a dish themed around the country they’re supporting.

Get into the mood

To help get the mood going, put on a video game of EA&39;s FIFA 2018, which has a World Cup mode, to get ready for the month-long party.

If you’re in need of a console, tech guru Chris Mostert at Teljoy, which sells both PlayStation and Xbox, says both brands have their pros and cons.

“Xbox is losing out on multiplayer games but it is also far less exclusive."

That means a lot of games available on PS4 won’t be on Xbox, but most Xbox games are on PS4, says Mostert.

Home. Theatre. System.

A good home-entertainment system and TV will make you feel like you’ve got a front-row seat at the match.

“Something like HiSense’s 55" Smart Ultra HD LED TV is perfect as it also has 4K resolution,” says Mostert.

Complete the package with a surround-sound system that will help replicate the noise and excitement of the stadium.

Dress up

Any true fan shows their allegiance to the team with T-shirts and scarves (because it’s winter on this side of the world so double win!) and painted faces.

The party goes beyond your living room

Don’t forget to take part in the conversations on your favourite social platforms where all the funniest new memes will be born.