Swimmer missing at Midmar Mile race


The finish line for the 2015 Midmar Mile event.

MIDMAR DAM - A 30-year-old swimmer from Durban has been reported missing on the first day of the Midmar Mile swimming event - the world&39;s largest open water race.

Concerned friends and family raised the alarm after waiting for more than an hour for Tristan Dennis to emerge from the water.

South African search and rescue teams called off their search on Saturday afternoon, due to poor visibility and adverse weather conditions.

They will resume at first light on Sunday morning, up until 08:00 CAT, when the four next race events will commence. The search teams will continue with their search once all the events are complete.

This year was the first time a new unique tag system, that logs all swimmers as they leave the water at the finish line or when they are taken from the water by the safety staff, was used. When Dennis exit log was not found, the search was moved to the water.

Water Safety Officer, Brad Glasspoole has confirmed the swimming event will go ahead as normal on Sunday, and that the Dennis family is aware that this is necessary.

Dennis&39; brother, Tarquin has said he wishes to participate in Sunday&39;s swim in honour of his missing younger brother.

At last year&39;s event, 43-year-old Johannesburg man, Herman van Straden drowned. His body was found four days later.



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