Teenage double amputee to run part of Comrades Marathon


Johannesburg, 20 May 2015 - Rasta-cum-beekeeper Farai Chinomwe is planning to run the Comrades Marathon backwards.

JOHANNESBURG - 17-year-old Sandile Mbili will make history at the Comrades Marathon this year by becoming the first teenage double-amputee to run a portion of the gruelling route.

Mbili will take on the 1,6 kilometre long ‘Nedbank Green Mile’, situated in Kloof. He hopes to raise money for other child paraplegics in a similar situation to himself.

Four years ago, Mbili lost both his legs due to a bacterial infection, leaving the Diepsloot youngster in a wheelchair. His life had been turned upside down and he battled to adjust.

Mbili struggled to commute to school, as most taxis would refuse to pick him up, but with the help of non-profit organisations One School at a Time and the Jumping Kids Foundation, Mbili was fitted with prosthetic legs.

After spending long periods in rehabilitation, he learnt to walk again and with a litte more work began to run on his new legs.

Fundraising initiative

Nedbank has joined Mbili&39;s initiative, challenging him to raise money for the Jumping Kids Foundation.

The twitter handle @PhambiliSandile has been created in order to encourage members of the public to take part.

The bank will make a donation for every encouraging tweet Mbili receives using the hashtag GoSandile.

Mbili, who never enjoyed running before he lost his legs, now looks forward to every moment of his new running life.