Two Oceans Ultra Marathon route changed

Threats of a protest on the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon run has forced organisers to change the route. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The 50th edition of the Two Oceans Marathon has had to change its route.

Threats of disruptions along the route forced organisers to divert.

Runners appear to still be excited despite it being a tougher alternative.

The safety of participants and supporters is what concerns the organisers of the Two Oceans Marathon.

There was no hesitation to change the route when it emerged there would be disruptions along the route.

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“Some runners have experienced the alternative route already as we’ve done it about four times because of other adverse situations. For the new ones, there’s the obvious disappointment of not being able to go over the very very popular Chapman’s Peak and Constantia Nek,” said Two Oceans NPC Chairman, Rodney Maharage.

“The alternative is not easier, it may in actual fact be a little bit more difficult as the Ou Kaapse Weg climb is a far more longer and continuous climb versus the reprieve you get over Little Chappies and then attack the real Chappies. From a person point of view, people have accepted that you know the race is still on.”

Ultra Marathon runners will depart at twenty minutes to seven o’ clock on Saturday morning.

Counting down to our 50th milestone Two Oceans Marathon!