Egypt's valet parking app to be launched


"Traffic jam in Cairo"

CAIRO -- A mobile app has been created in Egypt to provide a valet parking service in an effort to resolve traffic congestion in Cairo.

The app is called Rakna or Parking Spot and it&39;s currently in an experimental phase with 10 users and four valet drivers.

The app operates in a similar way to the Uber online hailing service, with smartphone users being able to submit a request for parking.

Valets are available at different locations in downtown Cairo.

The driver collects the car and parks it in a garage till the user needs it again.

Rakna Co-Founder, Ahmed Zaki says the idea has already evolved based on the community&39;s needs. 

"The idea in the beginning was that people would exchange parking spots. If someone was leaving a spot they would exchange with someone who wanted the spot. Slowly the idea evolved until it reached a valet-on-demand service or when you are going to a place you use the application to meet someone in the place you are going. If you&39;re going to the bank or going to work you will find our valet at the place you are going. The valet will take the car to a garage that we are contracted with," said Zaki. 

Rakna is expected to launch within six months.


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