Flying motorbike unveiled to aid police in Dubai


A 'DJI' drone with an installed camera flies through the air, during a press conference, at the exhibition grounds of the International Electronics fair 'IFA', in Berlin, Germany, 3 September 2015.


JOHANNESBURG – As part of its strategy to strengthen its police department, the Dubai police force has joined hands with Hoversurf, a Russian technology company to unveil the city’s first motorcycle hybrid/drone designed for deployment in emergency situations.

The drone was revealed on Monday at the Gitex technology week at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The motorcycle is equipped with four propellers. It can lift a driver up to 5m high and can travel a distance of up to 6km. According to Hoversurf, the bike can take aboard a load of up to 300kg at a pace of 70km/h in the sky.

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On the ground, the bike is able to drive for eight hours on one battery with a maximum speed of 200km/h. It has multiple cameras to take pictures and send them instantly to a police station.

In recent months the city of Dubai unveiled its first robotic policeman which can help identify wanted criminals and collect evidence to be used to patrol busy areas around the city.

The city said it wants the unarmed robots to make up 25 percent of its patrolling force by 2030.