IN PICTURES: The latest tech from the Vegas Consumer Electronics Show


UBTECH robots including the First Order "Stormtrooper" (L) and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant enabled "lynx" (C) takes voice commands and has facial recognition to ward off intruders.

LAS VEGAS - After a rollercoaster year for the tech world, many industry leaders are looking to the cutting edge for salvation.

As tech industry players converge in Las Vegas for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, an overriding theme is that gizmos, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and superfast internet connections hold answers to many if not all ills -- the new religion.

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One of the world&39;s largest trade shows, CES is drawing an expected 170,000 people and 40,000 exhibitors from dozens of countries showing wares in robotics, digital health, artificial intelligence, sports and more.

Technology will continue to improve communication, enchanting us with bolder and brighter screens, exhibitors say - but it additionally vows to end urban congestion, treat cancer and depression, and help us live fitter and more productive lives.

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