Multilingual app sets tongues wagging

CAPE TOWN - A new mobile app is literally setting tongues wagging, in each of the official languages.

Creators of Aweza say they hope this app will allow for easier communication between South Africans.

“One of the reasons for coming up with Aweza was: what are the socio-economic impacts of having 11 official South African languages to a country, how does that affect us in situations such as hospitals, or on the streets, or any sort of situation, really. And what can we do to change that, to aid the situation, to improve things?” said Speak Mobile&39;s chief technical officer Glenn Stein.

Aweza is currently available for download on Android devices, with hundreds of users signing up in just three days.

“It’s all about leveraging mobile technology, which is incredibly popular and influential and is growing at a very fast pace. To encourage South Africans to engage with each other, crossing cultural barriers. Which, when you have 11 official languages, you can imagine there can be some issues with that,” said Stein.

The app is set to revolutionise the way South African’s communicate with each other in the hope of creating a truly diverse rainbow nation.