North to South

The world as we know it today will in all likelihood cease to exist in a few hundred years.

That is because the earth’s magnetic field is constantly changing, such as the North Pole that shifts one degree every five years.

At its Magnetic Observatory in Hermanus, the South African National Space Agency is keeping a beady eye on the phenomenon.

Imagine if your compass’s North became South. You’d think it was broken.

However, in a few hundred years, life as we know it will experience a cataclysmic shift.

The earth’s magnetic poles will change direction, making  North the new South.

It is not a new phenomenon.

There has been a natural reversal every 450 000 years. The last reversal occurred about 780 000 years ago. The general consensus is we are long overdue for the next reversal.

South African scientists have a front row seat.

Ben Oppermann of the South African National Space Agency said, “This weakening which we see… is halfway between South Africa and Brazil. So, South Africa is very closely located to this region...which places us in a very good position.”

“It might have an influence on migratory patterns of large sea mammals, of birds which typically use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate by.”

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights, will no longer be visible from Northern polar regions

Opperman continues, “The magnetic north and south poles will gradually move across the equator. We’ll be observing Aurora (at mid latitude or low latitude) So it’s possible we may observe this over the equator.”

For those wondering if South Africa will end up at the North Pole, rest assured. The shifting of the magnetic poles doesn not mean the geographical poles will flip.

We will still be firmly in the South.