WATCH: Partial solar eclipse treat for SA


South Africans will get to see a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 1 September, starting from around 08:13 AM local time

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JOHANNESBURG - South Africans had a chance to witness a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 1 September, the same day Spring officially arrives in the southern hemisphere.

According to, this phenomenon is known as an annular solar eclipse, which is when the moon moves in front of the sun, creating a ring-like impression.

PICTURE: Annular eclipse "ring of fire." CREDIT: via Wikimedia Commons

Only when the moon is at it farthest point from earth, will this phenomenon occur - where the the entire disc of the moon blocks most of the sun, just leaving it&39;s outermost parts visible.


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However, in certain parts of the world, such as the majority of Africa in this instance, this will be viewable only as a partial solar eclipse.


The eclipse will begin at 09:31 CAT  (07:31 UCT) on Thursday. The maximum point, where the moon is closest to the centre of the sun, will take place at 11:01 CAT (09:01 UTC). However, these times will vary from city to city (*see below)

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Remember to wear special, protective glasses if you wish to view the eclipse directly, or use a a pinhole projector to project an image of the Sun onto a smooth surface.


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