The most expensive apps money can buy


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JOHANNESBURG - Among the millions of apps available on the App Store and Play Store, are a select few for the 1% who own 99% of the world&39;s wealth.

These apps are ridiculously expensive, and most of them don’t do anything special except be expensive.

Here’s a list of the some of the most expensive apps around.

1. iVIP Black – R19,999.99
iVIP Black is a luxury lifestyle app that gives exclusive on-demand concierge services like Jets, Butlers, Theatres and exclusive hotels. 

2. Ignition – R19,999.99
Ignition gives users remote access to their computer. 

3. Wheelburn – R5,999.99
WHEELBURN allows you to drive “the best cars in the world” using the “most real 3D engine and Physics”,  whatever that means.

4. Clownbop – R4,199.99
This one is for the clowns out there. It’s described as a clown punching bag that knows how to fight back. Well if it is fighting my wallet it will definitely win the bout.

5. TouchChat HD – ACC – R2,899.99
TouchChat HD – ACC is an exception on this list. No status symbol, it is described as a communication solution for people who have difficulty using their natural voice, such as those suffering from autism, Down Syndrome, ALS etc.

Google Play Store is awash with “Most expensive apps” so we just listed the most ridiculous.

1. The Most Expensive App – R5,500.00
The App is exactly that, an expensive app that does absolutely nothing but show your friends you are the richest.

2. The Most Expensive Widget – R2,000. 00
Yep, a widget for those who want to show that they are wealthy and proud. 

The widget is actually not the most expensive you can get. That honour belongs to Abu Moo’s Gem collection.

3.  Abu Moo’s Gems – R5,500.00
Developer Abu Moo’s collection  comprises precious gem widgets that you use to impress your “poor friends” and show them that you are loaded. He describes them as “virtual jewellery”. If you can afford it, buy the app and help the developer get English classes.


- Sthembiso Lebuso