US entrepreneurs aim to tap into Africa e-commerce market


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JOHANNESBURG - Entrepreneurs in the United States (US) are hoping to take advantage of Africa’s growing e-commerce market.

An online cross-border trade platform, called the Mall for Africa, is helping the continent&39;s entrepreneurs sell their goods.

The platform allows African consumers access to over 200 US stores while giving American customers access to African produced goods.

Mall for Africa founders say they can ship products to buyers in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritius or Ghana, in just three days.

Africa’s e-commerce market is estimated to be worth about $24 billion and is growing about 25 percent per year.

Mall for Africa CEO Chris Folayan said: "It dawned on me that every time I went back home, I kept taking more and more suitcases. People had access, they knew what they wanted and they wanted to buy products directly from the US. They could find it on the internet, but nobody shipped to the continent."

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