WATCH: Former Nasa astronaut visits Cape Town school


File: If the Earths gravity can affect the moon, the astronauts cannot be floating because there is no gravity where they are.

JOHANNESBURG – Pupils at a Cape Town school have received an out-of-this-world experience.

A former Nasa astronaut, American Professor and Author Don Thomas is in the country to share his expertise with youth deciding on careers and he wants to emphasise the importance of perseverance.

Thomas uses his wealth of knowledge along with his experiences in space, to edutain the public, especially the youth about the profession.

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Having completed four shuttle missions, Thomas has endless stories to share about his time in space --- one in particular, about the view of planet earth from above.

“ I’ve seen a lot of our planet, you see with your eye how thin our atmosphere is, it looks paper thin from space, and you see the oceans are not infinite and you see the impacts that humans are having on planet earth and it just makes you realise we all need to take better care of our planet,” he said.

Pupils at Claremont High School in Cape Town were over the moon at his visit.

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