RECORDED: Doha Debates: Water Scarcity, getting water into everyone's hands


Why This Debate and Why Now?

No one can survive more than three days without water, but a quarter of the global population faces the terrifying prospect of running out of it. It’s a scarcity crisis that contributes to food and economic insecurity, social unrest and erupting violence, further compounded by climate change. How do we get water into everyone’s hands? Who is best equipped to solve the challenge? Governments? Wealthy individuals and institutions? Your neighbors? You, yourself?

Three experts will propose solutions on September 10 with audience participation and live digital voting. Mark your calendar and join the debate now @DohaDebates with  #DearWorld.

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How to Join the Debate

In-Studio Audience:

If you are a student in South Africa, you can register to be in the live studio audience here.

Doha Viewing Event:

Join us for a live viewing event and reception.

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