Devi | Appliance guy and Watchmaker | 02 May 2022


Whether your washing machine has got you in a tailspin or your television that has tuned out, Jeffery Hondo promises the world with his convenient door-to-door appliance repair service.  He will collect your troublesome items from your doorstep and assures you that he will have them back up and running in no time, saving you the expense of paying for new domestic devices. 

The trouble is you will never see Jeffery, your appliances, or your cash again.! 

After receiving numerous complaints, The Devi Team sets a trap.


Kholofelo Xesha Masha is not one to let time fly by. Three years ago he decided to become a watchmaker and taught himself by watching online videos. His masterpieces have sold internationally and some sell for nearly R100,000. And he’s not just creating any old watches, we are talking heirlooms which tell African stories; tick tock tick tock - watch this space.


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