The Vula Connection - an untold apartheid story


The Vula Connection is one of apartheids untold stories, and at its centre is an unusual hero, Tim Jenkin.

JOHANNESBURG - On Sunday night, eNCA brings you one of apartheid’s untold stories.

The Vula Connection is the story of Tim Jenkin.

He turned against his own government, escaped from prison, and went into exile, where he set up a secret communications system.

He used it to pass messages to the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, and ultimately helped the ANC topple apartheid.

But with democracy in sight, Operation Vula was bust.

The documentary premieres at 8pm on Sunday, with repeats throughout the week.

*         Premiere, Sunday, 20 July at 8pm
*         Monday, 21 July at 11am
*         Wednesday, 23 July at 8pm
*         Thursday, 24 July at 10pm
*         Friday, 25 July at 4pm
*         Saturday, 26 July at 12pm
*         Sunday, 27 July at 5pm